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September 5, 2018

Lenore’s Mommy Must-Haves (0-3 months)

Hey ya’ll,

My daughter made 3 months on August 21st (ahhhhh!!!! How is she 3 months already?!) The fourth trimester is officially over. It’s been a season of adjusting to my new normal, but I am truly happy with my portion. Nothing makes me smile like seeing Amara smile or laugh. I feel like I immediately turn into putty in her hands haha!

On another note, I wanted to share my mommy must-haves with you. Things that I learned to lean on and love during those first 3 months. So here goes šŸ™‚ (Also, these items are in no particular order).

Must-Have Items

  • Blooming Bath Lotus: So soft and safe to use! I love Blooming Bath! Baby girl loves it too. You can purchase on their website (and also get your baby’s name monogrammed). I got mine from Target. It was a registry item and a friend purchased for us!

  • Diaper A&D ointment/Baby Vaseline: No diaper rashes over here, and her skin looks great! You can purchase this almost anywhere (e.g. Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy etc.)

  • Dock-A-tot: It’s costly, but it was worth it. I’m considering get the grand when she gets too big for this one. She slept like a champ whenever she was in it.

  • Gas Drops: Every mama knows that gas drops and/or gripe water is your best friend. Amara was super gassy those first couple of months. This is also super easy to find, but I got mine from Target! Can you tell I love Target?

  • Mama Roo Rocker: Another costly item, but we were blessed and our friends allowed us to borrow theirs. It came in so handy! I was able to get things done (e.g. shower). She even falls asleep in it ever so often. The rocker plays music and has different motions you can choose from (e.g. car ride, ocean wave). Amara loves the car ride motion!


  • Diaper Pail: Thank God for our diaper pail. Stinky diapers in and it keeps the smell out! It’s a definite must have. You can purchase from Target, Walmart etc.


  • Happy Baby Bundle (wrap and carrier): Look how good my hubby looks in this baby wrap :). We got the bundle, so we have the wrap and carrier for an affordable price. I love the lightweight material of this wrap. I’ve tried a couple, but this is by far my favorite. Check out happy baby wrap and carrier here!Ā 

  • Baby Buddha portable breast pump: If you’re planning to breastfeed and pump, then you need a portable breast pump! I love my baby buddha pump. It’s a total game changer. I wrote a review about it, so check it out. If you purchase (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t honestly), use my code for 15% off (BECOMINGLENORE15). You’re welcome!!!

  • White noise sound machine: When Amara hears it, she knows it’s bed time! Works like a charm. Your baby is used to hearing your heartbeat and all sorts of noises when they were inside your womb. As a newborn, sounds were comforting for her!


  • Udder nursing cover: I love nursing my baby. When I want some privacy, my udder cover is a life saver. I love the fact that I’m covered, but I can still make eye contact with her because it has an adjustable neckline. A must have if you plan to nurse! Check out my post about it, and you can get one for free with my discount code (becominglenore).


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