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July 30, 2018


My parents are leaving tomorrow. I miss them already ya’ll! They helped us out tremendously, and I am so thankful that they stayed for as long as they did (they have been here since May 11th). If you have kids and your family is nearby AND involved, count your blessings (especially if you work outside of the home). I remember being young and wanting to get away from my parents. I left for college at 16, so I got an early start. Mommy used to nag me quite often and daddy never wanted me to go to a party LOL. But, I’m so thankful for their love AND discipline growing up. Having them here with us also made me reflect on my future parenting.

So what type of mom will I be? What type of dad will Micah be? Time will tell, but I suspect that:

  • I’ll more than likely be the parent to nag Amara to make up her bed, and Micah will be the one who helps her mess it up (i.e pillow fights).
  • I’ll be the parent who wants to buy new storybooks for our reading time, and Micah will be the parent who makes up his own story with her input :).
  • I’ll be the one whose default response is often stress and worry if she’s hurt, and Micah is the one who immediately talks to God about it.
  • I’ll be the parent who teaches her all the worship songs, and Micah will be the one teaching her how to spit bars.

But despite our differences, at our core we are the same. We’re parents who believe in showing our love, saying I love you daily, providing a sense of belonging in our home, providing security, explaining the reason behind our actions etc.

I love my family. They are God’s greatest blessings in my life here on earth. I enjoyed spending time with my parents while they were here. I enjoyed watching Amara interact with them. I’m enjoying watching Micah step into his dad role. I’m enjoying family cuddles on the couch and nightly bedtime routines. I love the laughs, the security, the sense of belonging, and knowing that no matter what the world throws at me, I am loved and I belong. That’s what family means to me.

What does family mean to you?



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  • Tiera

    I agree, having a family provides the greatest sense of belonging. I realize that family means those that I do life with (friends and church included)πŸ€—People I laugh with and cry with!

    July 31, 2018 at 12:35 am Reply
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