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August 19, 2018

My Baby Buddha Pump Review & Experience

Note: This post contains an affiliate link, but my review is 100% mine. 

A good pump makes all the difference in maintaining your milk supply…so let’s chat about the Baby Buddha pump.

I’m exclusively breastfeeding my daughter! Since her birth, she’s had nothing but breastmilk. She hasn’t had any water, formula, juice…nada! So knowing I would return to work several weeks after her birth, pumping was a must for me. My doula recommended the Spectra S2 pump, so I purchased it. I loved my Spectra (I still do) and I got really good results using it. I have a fast letdown, so pumping was never really an issue for me, and I loved pumping!

Knowing I was doing what I needed to do to give my daughter the very best motivated me. However, I would sit at the table for 15-30 minutes with my pump plugged into the wall. It didn’t bother me that much when I was on maternity leave, but I knew that I would need to find another option once I returned to work. I saw portable pumps on the market, but they were out of my budget. Then, one of my followers (another mom) shared this pump with me on instagram. What?! A portable pump? Just what I needed! I’ve been using it for the past week and I love it! A total game changer. Here are my top 4 reasons why!

  1. Portable and Rechargeable: If you want to be able to get things done while pumping, this is your pump! The portability of this pump is amazing. You can literally wear the pump around your neck to be hands-free! It’s definitely my favorite feature. How does cooking dinner or doing laundry while pumping sound to you? How about catching up on emails? I have to do these things and I love the fact that I can get them done, while still taking care of my daughter by pumping. I don’t want to supplement (nothing against you if you do), so having a good pump that’s also portable is a must for me!
  2. Affordable: I don’t know about you, but I am NOT trying to break the bank with a good pump. I need affordability. Thankfully, the Baby Buddha pump is very affordable. You can order it on sale right now for $189.99 (original is $249.99).
  3. Easy to Use: The pump comes with a manual that explains how to use the pump, how to clean etc. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to follow. When you turn the pump on at first, you’ll be in simulation mode. The levels automatically increase, so if you want it to remain at a particular level you’ll have to roll the trackball thingy (I think that’s what it’s called LOL). To switch the pump to suction mode only, you have to press the trackball. It’s super easy!
  4. Appearance: How shallow of me right?LOL But, it really is the best looking pump I’ve seen. I was even impressed with the packaging and all the items that come with it e.g. the detachable lanyard and carrying tote. The pump unit itself is small and fits in the palm of my hand. I love nursing in style and I wrote about how I do that, and now I can pump in style too :). 

Goal: Build my freezer stash AND free up my time. Thank you Baby Buddha!

Keepin’ it real

So in a nutshell, would you recommend this pump, Lenore?

Yes, I would! I personally didn’t have a problem pumping enough milk, but I know it’s helped a lot of women get more milk because of it’s strength. It has a SUPER strong suction. In fact, I can’t pass level 1 (maybe 2 if I’m feeling brave) because it’s THAT strong. Depending on the person, the strength in the suction is going to be a pro or a con. However, I needed a pump that was more convenient, but would still measure up to my spectra s2 in regards to power and affordability.

So are you going to throw out your spectra and only use baby buddha pump? 

Nope! I plan to use both because they both provide things I need. I’m a pretty busy lady (especially now that I’ve returned to work). If I need to get things done while pumping or if I’m traveling–hello baby buddha! Baby buddha saves me time!

Anything I should know before purchasing?

The flange sizes are standard (24mm), so if it’s not your size you may need to get another. I think you’re able to use other pump parts with it, but I’m not 100% sure. Using the right flange size is key to comfortable pumping and seeing results from pumping. That’s the case with any pump. It can also be used as a double pump. I know there are times when I use my spectra, and I attach my haaka to my other breast to catch the letdown. With this pump, I won’t need to do that!

Like I mentioned earlier, the pump has a super strong suction, so my advice is to wait and see how you handle level 1, before going any higher. Even if you were able to go higher on your current pump, just try things out on level 1 first. Also, try switching off the simulation mode at first (which is what the pump operates in as soon as it is turned on), especially if you have sensitive nipples. I’ve had to do that a few times. Every woman is different, so find what works for you. Lastly, to truly be handsfree you’ll need a pumping bra. Put that bra on and wear that pump around your neck!!

Something for you…

Overall, I’m impressed and pleased with baby buddha! It was exactly what I needed as a busy working breastfeeding mama. So if you need a pump that will help you maintain your supply without losing precious time, you should get one.

Visit their website to learn more about it and to purchase  

The pump is currently sold out BUT you can pre-order for their early September shipment. When purchasing, use: BECOMINGLENORE15 (must be in all caps) for 15% off!! Let me know if you have any questions,  subscribe for future posts, and follow me on instagram: @becominglenore




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